Apple switches off the ‘open web’ by making it better

Apple has begun rejecting apps that ignore its new App Tracking Transparency policy as it moves ahead toward the launch of iOS 14.5.   So, what’s happening? Reports indicate Apple has started rejecting apps that ignore this new policy, which extends to iPhones, iPads, and tvOS. The policy requires that apps seek express permission to access […]

Did OnePlus over-hype its OnePlus 9 Hasselblad cameras? Our photo tests are underwhelming

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. OnePlus created a big hype campaign around its partnership with famous camera company Hasselblad. The focus was to bring Hasselblad’s “natural color calibration” to the new OnePlus 9 series’ cameras. Unfortunately, the OnePlus 9 Pro takes less appealing photos than […]

Lessons from Jamf on how to support the remote hybrid enterprise

The pandemic has changed where we work and how we work— and it’s reinforced the need for robust security to protect remote teams, says Jamf CEO Dean Hager. The big move out Hager’s company began working remotely over a year ago in response to the pandemic. In 24 hours, the firm’s entire global team switched […]

What the hell is happening with Android One?

Not long ago, a low-profile program called Android One looked like it could be just the one-two punch Android needed. Android One, like lots of Google initiatives, has had a long and winding history with plenty of twists and turns. When Android One first came into the picture in 2014, it was described as an […]

How to print and scan with Android

We may live in an increasingly digital world, but sometimes — love it or hate it — good old-fashioned pulp-based paper is still a necessity. No matter what type of work you do, you’re bound to encounter the occasional page that needs to be printed or document that needs to be scanned. With your Android […]

Apple Watch yields heart data nearly as good as clinical tests, report claims

Apple has been playing a long game in digital healthcare. The main focus – where Apple is right now – CEO Tim Cook  recently said, is “…to empower people to own their health.” And as the tools to enable such ownership develop, more opportunity knocks. Protecting the human We know Apple’s devices can track fitness levels. We […]

12 advanced voice commands for Chrome on Android

Google’s Chrome app for Android is overflowing with out-of-the-way options and enhancements — and guess what? Some of the app’s most potential-packed possibilities are things you couldn’t possibly even see. They’re voice commands — step-skipping statements you can simply shout out from that perpetually moist mouth of yours to march around the web and control […]

The case of the missing laptop RAM

One of the best tech support programs in the industry for years has been the ProSupport program from Dell, which routinely answers within 10 seconds and offers excellent techs who actually try to help. They have married that effort with a next-day onsite repair offering (delivered by Unisys), which is also impressive. But no program is […]

Best wireless charger for Samsung Galaxy S21 phones in 2021

Wireless chargers are a convenient way to power up smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy S21. The best wireless charger for your Samsung Galaxy S21 is Samsung’s own Wireless Charger Stand. In addition to wireless support, it comes with a 25W wall charger in case you need faster charging. If you’re looking for wireless chargers for your […]

Apple’s iPhone factories are Industry 4.0 rock stars

Apple’s technologies aren’t simply used within Industry 4.0, they are also manufactured using the same technologies. Key iPhone production facilities have been recognized as global examples of great Industry 4.0 deployments. What is Industry 4.0? The first Industrial Revolution in the 19th century gave us industrial machinery; the second, in the 20th century, saw introduction […]