3 things you might not know about the vaunted F-15 fighter jet

The F-15 has been a workhorse for the US Air Force for more than 40 years. Newer, more sophisticated jets have joined the service in that time, but the F-15 has a few features that keep it in high demand. See more stories on Insider’s business page. The Mcdonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle and its subsequent […]

Warnings about an imminent Chinese invasion of Taiwan are overblown

China’s posture toward Taiwan has grown markedly more belligerent in recent years. Nonetheless, there are many good reasons to be skeptical about warnings of a near-term or even medium-term invasion of Taiwan by Beijing. See more stories on Insider’s business page. The top US military commander for the Asia-Pacific region, Adm. Philip Davidson, raised eyebrows […]

Here’s how the legendary B-2 bomber’s stealth actually works

Only 21 B-2s were ever built, and they reportedly have a stealth profile similar to that of a large bird. Because it’s so hard to spot, it can be a first-wave attacker, clearing air defenses and opening paths for less stealthy aircraft. See more stories on Insider’s business page. The B-2 Spirit is one of […]

Police in Spain have seized the first ‘narco sub’ built in Europe

On March 12, Spanish police announced the seizure of a 9-meter semi-submersible vessel designed to transport up to 2 tons of drugs. It was the first known narco-submarine to have been built in Spain or in Europe and indicates that knowledge needed for building the vessels is possibly being exported. See more stories on Insider’s […]

Historic visit to Taiwan by a US ambassador draws ‘red line’ warning from China

The US ambassador to Palau joined the Palauan presidential delegation visiting Taipei this week. It is the first visit by a US envoy since the US switched diplomatic recognition to Beijing in 1979. See more stories on Insider’s business page. Beijing has warned Washington not to cross its “red line” on Taiwan after a US […]