EMCI-HUB TECHNOLOGIES LTD is established in the year 2019 to deepen and help the children, youths and adults (women) in Kenya and the world in the field of mentorship training programs, creativity and innovation (IT Consultancy) by the use of technology. This mentorship training program also is to prepare students for successful careers in business by integrating academic learning with real-world experiences and to become a model for workforce readiness, embraced by the community and participate in 24 hours operation in the provision of key solutions to current emerging very challenging problems that demand extensive creativity and innovation solutions in Kenya and the world and as a IT consultant firm.

The goal of the e-mentoring Training programs is to establish a trusting relationship with accountability and responsibility from the mentor and mentee as well as creative and innovative bodies and organizations in Kenya and the world.

The focus of this e-mentoring program is on the rehabilitative needs of the offender (the spiritual needs of the mentor) using a continuum of care creating a growing, healthy relationship and referring to solutions that have both socio-economic and environmental advantages that fit the characteristics of each case individually.