Welcome to our online IT Services and Consultancy.

We offer the following list of IT Support Services and Advises at a cheaper cost:


IT Support:

  1. AGPO Certificate.
  2. Portfolio Management
  3. Audit of Financial Statement
  4. Management Accounts & Bookeeping.
  5. Budget Preparation and Analysis.

Online Services:

  1. Certificate of Good Conduct (CID Clearance Certificate) Application.
  2. e-Citizen Services
  3. NCA Registration.
  4. NCA Renewal.

KRA Services:

  1. iTax Filing Returns (PAYE ,Nil & Income Tax,VAT,NSSF & NHIF)
  2. Tax Advisory
  3. KRA Clearance Certificate.

Helb Portal Services:

  1. Helb Loan Application
  2. Helb Clearance Certificate Application

TSC Portal Services:

  1. TSC Number Application.
  2. TSC Internship Application.
  3. Others..

Academic Services:

  1. Research Proposals, Research Projects and Business Plan Preparations.
  2. Report and Professional CV Writing.
  3. Company’s Corporate Proposals.

Phone Repair and Software Upgrade Services:

  1. Phone Flashing.
  2. Screen Replacement.
  3. Electronics and Accessories Supply.
  4. Laptops and Phones on Sale.

Software Development Services:

  1. Web-hosting & Domain Registration Services.
  2. Complete Website Development.
  3. Operating System Installation and Upgrades.
  4. System Configuration.
  5. E-Commerce Management.
  6. Online & Social Media Advertisements and Marketing.