Capture 2021: “al’taqiaq: it spirals” by Jordan Bennett

The inspiration for al’taqiaq: it spirals came from a photo of a Mi’kmaq porcupine quill basket made by ancestor Mi’kmaw artists. Bennett referenced the patterning, colours and the history of the basket with this image of a painted moose skull, which was harvested in Bennett’s home community and photographed on Mi’kma’ki land. The artwork connects […]

Studying Internationally in the Balkans

I am a high school student looking to study internationally. I plan to study Psychology and want to study near (or preferably in) Croatia. I am having trouble finding universities that offer psychology courses in English. If there are any tips, important things to know, or any resources that could possibly help, please let me […]

5 Free Online Courses on Marx’s Capital from Prof. David Harvey

Geographer and Marxist scholar David Harvey did not set out to become a Marxist. He didn’t even know what a Marxist was. He simply started to read Marx one day, at the age of 35, because all of the other social science methods he had applied in his study of the housing market and social […]

The Beatles’ ‘Blackbird’ Sung in the Indigenous Mi’kmaq Language

[embedded content][embedded content] To raise awareness of her native language, 16-year-old Emma Stevens sang a version of The Beatles’ 1968 classic “Blackbird” in the Mi’kmaq language, an Eastern Algonquian language spoken by nearly 11,000 in Canada and the United States. A member of the Eskasoni First Nation, the Nova Scotia student sang lyrics that were […]

Discover the First Modern Kitchen–the Frankfurt Kitchen–Pioneered by the Architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky (1926)

[embedded content][embedded content] Nearly 100 years after it was introduced, architect Margarete (Grete) Schütte-Lihotzky‘s famous Frankfurt Kitchen continues to exert enormous influence on kitchen design. Schütte-Lihotzky analyzed designs for kitchens in train dining cars and made detailed time-motion studies of housewives’ dinner preparations in her quest to come up with something that would be space saving, efficient, inexpensively […]

Lack of Sleep is Keeping Me Awake

Lack of Sleep is Keeping Me Awake Pressure to get enough sleep keeps me awake. They say lack of sleep can kill you. If it doesn’t kill you, it gives you heart disease, stroke, cancer, dementia, or diabetes. If those worries don’t keep you awake, you’re also more likely to gain weight, have bad skin and […]

Why Do Wes Anderson Movies Look Like That?

[embedded content][embedded content] The dominant form of Hollywood and/or mainstream filmmaking has been realism, the sense that even in our wildest fantasy, sci-fi, and superhero films there’s still an attempt to hide the camera, the crew, and the lighting, and that what we’re seeing just is, that nothing has been constructed for us. Despite the […]

Guarding Against Disposable Design

About The Author Frederick O’Brien is a freelance journalist who conforms to most British stereotypes. His interests include American literature, graphic design, sustainable … More about Frederick ↬ Quick, constant change is a given on the web. It is often one of its greatest strengths. As ever, though, there is a balance to find. Although […]

Artist Spotlight: Bernadett Timko

A selection of paintings by artist Bernadett Timko, who has been based in London since 2011 and is originally from Hungary. Yet another talented member of the art collective, Cane Yo. Of the work she says she focuses on “capturing simple every day moments which are so often beautiful but left unnoticed because of our […]