Covid-19: Job not done despite vaccination success, scientist warns

Prof Finn, from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation which advises the government on vaccine priority, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the UK needed to achieve a high coverage of immunity across the population, not just among certain groups. EMCI-HUB TECHNOLOGIES LTD COMPANY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Covid-19: Warning UK still vulnerable and Heathrow opens red-list terminal

Front-line NHS workers recovering from the trauma of caring for coronavirus patients during the pandemic have been discovering how horses can help relieve their stress. “They’re very good at helping you to read yourself, to reset yourself… to move forward in a calm and compassionate way,” says intensive care sister Amanda White. EMCI-HUB TECHNOLOGIES LTD […]

‘Gene therapy is a game changer for our son’

“She couldn’t do the basic things. She couldn’t reach for a toy, which was five centimetres away. We couldn’t leave her alone, Even on the sofa, where she was all surrounded by cushions and pillows because everything was too dangerous,” she says. “We couldn’t relax for a second, and she couldn’t enjoy her life.” EMCI-HUB […]