Popular Cereal Brand to Reimburse Customers Who Overpaid During Shortage

Amid the shortage, third-party sellers were reportedly selling the cereal for more than $100. March 24, 2021 3 min read Grape-Nuts, a customer favorite from parent company Post Consumer Brands, is finally returning to supermarket shelves, USA Today reports.  Towards the end of last year, the company experienced a shortage as a result of pandemic-related […]

After a massive iceberg broke away from Antarctica, it revealed a long-hidden world of creatures on the seafloor

According to Autun Purser, a member of the OFOBS team, the presence of these filter feeders wasn’t a surprise. But some of the findings shocked his team. A 1 1/2-foot-wide stone heavily populated by filter-feeding animals, including large sponges. Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI)/OFOBS-PS124 “I was expecting fewer, larger filter feeding animals (sponges mainly),” Purser, an […]

Israel election: What happens next in 600 words

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s prospects for another term look uncertain after partial results from Israel’s fourth national election in two years projected no clear path to victory. The right-wing bloc led by Netanyahu’s Likud party has a slight edge but is in a tight race with a grouping of centre, left and right-wing parties […]

Premier League clubs to participate in mouthguard study

Players at two leading Premier League clubs are set to use special mouthguards in training to assess the impact of heading the ball. Already used in rugby, the mouthguards are able to collect data in real time and show how impacts affect the brain. It will form part of a Premier League research project after […]

Ex FARC leader asks US Congress for help with peace deal

Bogota, Colombia – One of Colombia’s most notorious ex-rebel leaders has sent an open letter to the United States Congress to ask for help with the implementation of Colombia’s peace agreement. Rodrigo Londoño, better known by his nom de guerre Timochenko, was a leader of the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a fighter […]

Mozambique: Armed group attacks town near gas project

Assault occurs as French energy giant Total says it will resume work at site after suspending it after nearby attacks. An armed group attacked the northern Mozambique town closest to gas projects worth some $60bn on Wednesday, striking ever closer to developments that have already stalled over security problems. The attack on the town of […]