Homa Bay County Commissioner Moses Lilan (second-left). (James Omoro, Standard]

Security officers who were on leave in Homa Bay Counyty have been recalled to implement Covid-19 protocols during Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The festivities are expected to attract large crowds, a situation that could expose residents to Covid-19.

County Commissioner Moses Lilan said the security officers and administration officials who were on leave had been recalled. This will enhance crackdowns to ensure adherence to Covid-19 regulations.

“We have called back the officers to enable us have enough personnel because we will start several crackdowns,” Lilan said.

He argued that it would not be good if people get infected due to the celebrations.

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The administrator issued a directive to residents to celebrate in line with Covid-19 protocols.

Lilan who co- chairs the County Covid-19 Emergency Response Committee said hotels will be allowed to operate but under strict guidelines of Covid-19 protocols.

However, nobody will be allowed to hold parties at night.

“Any function to be held at night has been outlawed. Curfew time must be obeyed as usual,” he said.

The administrator announced that they will also mount roadblocks on highways.

Homa Bay County Commissioner Moses Lilan (left). [James Omoro, Standard]

The crackdown will also eradicate overloading and speeding which are a recipe for road accidents.

Homa Bay Deputy Governor Hamilton Orata told residents not to wait for law enforcement officers to abide by the Covid-19 protocols.

“Let residents understand that coronavirus is spreading in the community. This calls for everyone to be cautious during the festive season,” Orata said.

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