1. WHAT IS ZOOMSTORMING? Zoomstorming is a 60-90 minute online brainstorming process that sparks clarity, insights, new ideas, commitment, and the kind of positive mindset needed for aspiring innovators to make meaningful progress with a new venture, idea, or opportunity.

2. WHO IS THE CREATOR OF ZOOMSTORMING? Mitchell Ditkoff, Co-Founder and President of Idea Champions — a thought leader in the field of creative thinking, innovation, and the creative process. His clients. And… what they say.

3. WHO IS ZOOMSTORMING FOR? Anyone committed to manifesting an inspired goal, idea, or venture — especially people open to exploring new possibilities with a skilled facilitator of the creative process. If you are stuck, Zoomstorming will get you unstuck. If you are already unstuck, Zoomstorming will spark a quantum leap of thought and action.

4.WHAT IS THE BACKSTORY OF ZOOMSTORMING? Twenty years ago, the creator of Zoomstorming (Mitch Ditkoff) created a deck of creative thinking cards (Free the Genie) to help his clients think out of the box and become more innovative. Eventually, the deck evolved into an online tool — his assumption being that aspiring innovators needed a simple, online way to spark their own brilliance. They didn’t. So, the tool just sat there in cyberspace, its potential unrealized. Then came Covid-19. Unable to deliver his innovation-sparking services, on-site, he migrated his services online, via Zoom. Soon, he understood why Free the Genie online never got off the ground. Aspiring innovators didn’t want a “do-it-yourself creative thinking tool.” They wanted a skilled, committed, trustworthy human being, by their side — online — to facilitate their process of reaching their inspired goals.

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The lives of millions of people have been disrupted. Entire industries have disappeared. Untold amounts of people are unemployed. And while some people have managed to adapt to these crazy times, many haven’t. Isolated as millions of people are from each other, these days, their opportunity to creatively jam with friends, colleagues, and co-workers, is less than ever. And while these millions of people continue conjuring up intriguing, new possibilities, they often don’t have a dependable way to develop them. The result? Lost opportunities, wheel spinning, and tons of unrealized possibilities.

6. WHAT IS IDEA CHAMPIONS’ VISION? Teach thousands of people how to facilitate Zoomstorming sessions so they can provide a much-needed, transformational service on planet Earth and, at the same time, create a meaningful, enjoyable, home-based way for people to make a living (or at least supplement their income).

7. IS ZOOMSTORM FACILITATION RIGHT FOR YOU? Zoomstorming facilitation requires a very specific kind of mindset, skillset, and commitment. It is not for everyone. How will you know if you have what it takes to succeed in this venture? To begin with, respond to the following self-assessment. On a scale of 1-10 (with “10” being the highest score) rate yourself for each of the statements below. If your total score is 150 or above, there’s a good chance that Zoomstorming facilitation is a good fit for you. If your score is less than 150, but you STILL want to proceed, stay open. It is still possible..

1. “I see myself as a creative person.”
2. “I easily create rapport with people.”
3. “I am skillful at ‘thinking on my feet.'”
4. “I am very interested in the creative process.”
5. “People think of me as flexible and adaptive.”
6. “I am a good communicator.”
7. “I believe that anything is possible.”
8. “I tend to see the cup as half-full, instead of half-empty.”
9. “There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”
10. “When I commit to something, I stay with it.”
11. “I am a lifelong learner.”
12. “I know how to use Zoom (or, if not, I will be happy to learn).”
13. “I am organized and follow through on my commitments.”
14. “Great ideas often make their appearance at unexpected times.”
15. “I have committed to at least one, big creative project in my life.”
16. “It’s time for me to do something different.”
17. “I have at least a few juicy ideas that I would like to develop.”
18. “I have a good feeling about this ‘Zoomstorming thing.'”
19. “I have coaching, facilitation, or mentoring experience.”
20. “I am a good listener.”

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