Europe's World Cup qualifiers in numbers

1904 Seven European teams joined football world governing body FIFA in its founding year: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. England and Italy (both 1905) and reigning world champions France (1908) followed a little later. Emci-Hub Technologies Ltd

Legends forged in European qualifiers

The UEFA preliminary draw for Qatar 2022 takes place on Monday 7 December sets the scene by reflecting on ten legendary European qualifiers Part one includes a Scottish legend, a Polish “clown” and a Bulgarian miracle 1. Sweden-Estonia, 1933: The first one of them all The success of the inaugural FIFA World Cup™ in […]

Why laxity about Covid rules has her worried

She is in the thick of things as a team leader in the Covid-19 response team, and KMPDB chair Dr Eva Njenga tells JUDITH MWOBOBIA what concerns her mo Emci-Hub Technologies Ltd

RWALL (Remote Write to All) – Computerphile

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