Kevin Keegan: The story behind one of the Premier League’s most explosive moments

Kevin Keegan exploded during a live Sky Sports broadcast on 29 April 1996, providing one of the most iconic moments in Premier League history – his unforgettable ‘love it’ meltdown. The ‘mind games’ that soon became normalised as Alex Ferguson took on and defeated Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho and Rafa Benitez are now part and […]

Tottenham Eye West Ham Star Declan Rice to Rival Chelsea Interest

Tottenham Hotspur are interested in West Ham midfielder Declan Rice, following reports this week also linking Chelsea and others with the England international. Rice, who was a Chelsea academy player for eight years until his release at the age of 15, has been linked with a high profile move away from West Ham virtually ever […]

Ranking Every England Away Kit of the 21st Century

England won the 1966 World Cup wearing that famous royal red kit, but the design idea was only 15 years old at the time. Only in 1951 did England first don an all red away kit. Since then, helped of course by Sir Alf Ramsey’s all-conquering side, the Three Lions in red has well and […]

Artificial Intelligence Will Detect the Coronavirus on Everyday Surfaces

The COVID-19 crisis has undeniably shaken the very foundation of our lives. However, it has also changed our relationship with everyday objects. Common surfaces are now under suspicion. Probably, door handles will not be innocent ever again. Thus, in this new normal having technologies that allow detecting Sars-CoV-2 anywhere quickly and easily could be a […]

Coronavirus: Dr Radha’s five mental health tips for lockdown

Dr Radha Modgil from BBC Radio 1’s Life Hacks shares her top five tips on how to stay mentally and emotionally well during the coronavirus lockdown, all beginning with the letter C. Sticking to a routine, making sure we take care of ourselves, and using our creativity in new ways are all ways she suggests […]

How Blockchain is Helping to Fight the Coronavirus

The lack of reliable data has been one of the ongoing issues in the first stages of the world pandemic. And not only because of the hoaxes, but also owing to the excess of different voices and data sources. Having a reliable and robust system to transmit information, based on common standards, has been one […]

Erasmus Mundus Association statement on the COVID-19 outbreak

13.04.2020 20:57 Erasmus Mundus Association statement on the COVID-19 outbreak Updated August 2020 : Have you been admitted to an EMJMD starting in Europe in September? Given the rapid changes and developments of the Covid-19 situation and local differences it is difficult for us to advice you.  Have a look here Coronavirus – questions raised […]

Solar Power, an Ally for more Sustainable Irrigation

In low rainfall or groundwater-lacking areas with power supply limitations, irrigation can become a true challenge. Wells require pumps connected to the power grid or diesel power generators, which are unaffordable for many farmers in emerging economies. Back in 2013, Katie Taylor was an MIT undergraduate concerned about the irrigation challenges that Indian farmers were […]

I was Europe’s stupidest tourist

(CNN) — It takes a special kind of idiot to attempt to travel overland to Morocco from the north of England with barely $100 in their pocket. In the summer of 1995, I was that idiot. Despite the fact I’d never traveled anywhere alone before and was sporting a haircut that would’ve shamed a household […]