The 25 Best Defensive Midfielders in World Football – Ranked

In the modern game, a defensive midfielder is required to be at their very best for the full 90 minutes, running with their engine on full blast. They need to be relentless pressers, able to read every situation imaginable, but also be talented on the ball, capable of intricately stroking it around at close range […]

Chiton, the Striking Mollusk behind an Innovative Bio-Armor

Attack and defense are the names of nature‚Äôs game. For each amphibian-eating bird, there is a poisonous frog. And for every fang-endowed predator, there is a tortoiseshell. However, if we were to look for the masters of shielding sea, life would probably hold some of the most effective specimens. Bivalve shells or the body armor […]

How to protect your mental health

When the World Health Organization released advice on protecting your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak, it was broadly welcomed. Emci-Hub Technologies Ltd